Built to Be Unique
Collection of 1,111 MetaDeus NFTs
An Iconic Futuristic Style


Q1 2022

- Meta Deus NFTs Collection Launch

- Website launch

- Roadmap launch

- 111 Meta Deus NFT mints.

- Meta Deus Passive Income launch

Q2 2022

- 444 Meta Deus NFT mints

- We will have NFT giveaways for holders of Meta Deus NFTs every two weeks. Winner will be picked through a raffle where each NFT gets you a spot. 

- Meta Deus Girls come to play.

- Meta Store grand opening

Q3 2022

- 666 Meta Deus NFT mints.

- Merchandise

Q4 2022

- Revealing our P2E game in progress and developments

- 888 Meta Deus NFT mints.

Q1 2023

- Release the Meta Deus game to the first 100 owners.

- 1111 Meta Deus NFT mints.

Q2 2023

- Release of the Meta Deus game to all owners.

We want competition, we want re-playability, we want fun and we want to win something! The game for Meta Deus will be unique and fun in nature, with our NFTs being a major component of the game.

Who are MetaDeus​

MetaDeus are a race of beings found in the Zeta Squadron of the Grand Crossing found just after the Vibrant Nebula 32X5yT.
They were known for their intellect and their rational means with which they operated throughout the Universe.
Nobodys knows when it happened, or why it happend, but at one point of their existence, they decided to transcend and merge with the makings and the works they have been creating. These are their people.

Meta Deus Passive Income

The Passive Income concept is to reward all of our holders who believe in our vision! The Meta Wallet will receive 10% of all primary sales and resales. The Meta Rewards will be distributed to our holders! Our NFTs are unique, therefore each Meta gives you one point! How does this work? If there would be $1000 deposited in the Meta Wallet, and 25 Meta Deus NFTs are circulating, that would equal $40 for each MetaDeus NFT. The rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis. Stay tuned for more updates!

Meta Deus Team